Legion Logistics Makes First Acquisition

Florence, KY – Legion Logistics has acquired Qontinuity Enterprises, LLC, a third-party logistics brokerage based in Dandridge, Tennessee. Legion will grow more than 10 percent with the addition of Qontinuity. All operations will be based in Florence, Kentucky, where Legion has its headquarters. This acquisition is the first step in an ongoing growth plan for …

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The Zen of an Empty Calendar

A weird thing is happening to me this week. I keep getting caught up. My email inbox is completely empty, my to-do lists are crossed off, my errands are even getting done. It’s like I’ve entered some kind of weird Twilight Zone where efficiency intersects with the natural late-summer slowness that takes over every year …

LegionTalk with Levi Papai
Touch It Once

I hate clutter and mess. I hate losing things, or missing appointments, or forgetting about things, or misplacing things. I have this vision of my perfect life, where every counter is clean, every drawer organized, every to-do list finished at the end of the day, and every email inbox a pristine white canvas, just waiting …

Stick to a Budget

Growing up in a blue collar town, I’ve seen people struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. Many may think that growing up that way is a negative experience, but I think it was positive. That blue-collar mentality is something I will always carry with me. They never had a trust fund to fall back on, …

LegionTalk with Brandon Mason

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