LegionTalk with Levi Papai
Touch It Once

I hate clutter and mess. I hate losing things, or missing appointments, or forgetting about things, or misplacing things. I have this vision of my perfect life, where every counter is clean, every drawer organized, every to-do list finished at the end of the day, and every email inbox a pristine white canvas, just waiting …

Stick to a Budget

Growing up in a blue collar town, I’ve seen people struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. Many may think that growing up that way is a negative experience, but I think it was positive. That blue-collar mentality is something I will always carry with me. They never had a trust fund to fall back on, …

LegionTalk with Brandon Mason
The Great Work From Home Experiment

A few months ago, at a meeting of women business owners, one of them said something that changed my perspective on work, and my office, and my job. This woman, who is incredibly wise and has gone through many career transitions, is the CEO of a multi-office staffing agency – and those multiple offices are …

LegionTalk with Nick Wilson
2018 Office Olympics
LegionTalk – Wednesday, October 24th
Prepairing For Career Fairs

With summer coming to an end and school beginning, career fairs are right around the corner. Whether you attend career fairs as a requirement, for extra credit, or because it’s sounds good, they are extremely important tools for your job search. Career Fairs were a huge part of my life in college because it is …

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