Livin’ in the Fast Lane

Most people who have just graduated college are looking for a job, a new car, or a new apartment away from school. But by the time I graduated from college in August 2017, I had already started my marketing and soccer career, bought a house, got engaged, and was preparing to become a father. Was that all a part of my five-year plan? Absolutely not. Would I change my life? Not for a second.

Family and friends have always known me as the type of person to make educated, spur of the moment decisions. I know what you’re thinking – do “educated” and “spur of the moment” decisions belong in the same sentence? Probably not, but it’s how I’ve lived my life since graduating college.

I want everyone to realize that it’s 100 percent okay to make quick decisions, as long as you are prepared for the best- and worst-case scenario. Every decision has a result or effect on the person who made the decision and most of the time, the people around them, whether it is a life-changing outcome or something as simple as buying a puppy or picking a certain place to vacation.

The main point to take out of all these events is that I’ve never second-guessed a decision, or regretted any of the decisions I have made. Yes, there are always things that you might have wanted to go a bit differently, but every decision molds you into the person you have become. Sometimes when you take too long to make a decision, you develop decision fatigue, which causes you to lose focus and decreases your mental energy.

When you’re trying to make a decision about something you don’t have much experience with, you won’t have 100% of the information you think you need.

Still struggling to make a decision? Commit to making a specific number of decisions per day. They can be as small as what to eat to dinner tonight or as big as what kind of car to buy.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, so there is no reason to slow down, over analyze, or change your decisions. Stress will build the more you second guess the decisions you have to make.

Take a deep breath, think about the possible outcomes, and make a decision based on what you think, not what someone else thinks. You won’t regret it…

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