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Moving freight is stressful. And complicated. Legion’s Problem Solvers® can relieve the stress and remove the uncertainty of today’s freight markets, freeing you up to focus on other work. Or just relax for a little bit.

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Finding an honest broker is harder than finding a rest stop in Indiana. Legion makes it easy with our commitment to honesty and fair treatment, and our LegionCarrier Program.

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It’s easy to find a job these days, but it’s harder to find a place where you fit in, have a good time, and work for a company that truly invests in its employees. Legion just might be that place for you.

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Is Trucking Technology In Mexico Really that Different?

SEP 17, 2019 - As much as you can say that Mexico is a Third World Economy, NAFTA has made it so that the United States, Canada and Mexico must maintain same technologies to provide information about loads, drivers and commodities, wherever they are in North America.

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