Seven reasons to partner with the Legion

A long-term relationship

We tell our Problem Solvers® to think about our customers as long-term partners. Why? It’s not in our interest (or yours!) to price gouge over a single transaction. A long-term relationship pays off better for you, us, and our carriers.

We treat everyone right

Bluntly, we don’t believe in key accounts, tiers and relegating smaller SMEs in favor of bigger customers. Every customer is equally important. Our customer service is as slick and responsive whether you want a small LTL shipment or several dozen FTLs.

We make complicated freight simple

Many brokers and 3PL companies shy away from anything more complicated than one pick, one drop jobs. We thrive on the tough stuff: refrigerated goods, coast-to-coast multi-pick, multi-drop freight, hazardous or over-dimensional cargo. We have drivers who love this sort of work as well as Problem Solvers who have the nous to arrange smooth transport of seemingly complicated shipments.

We look for freight savings

One example is single-pick or multi-pick loads that have multiple drops. We have immense experience with routing optimization that shaves delivery time to the absolute minimum — potentially saving you a lot of money.

On-demand support

We’re always here to help and you always get our best expertise. Our Problem Solvers are available year-round, offering you live customer support 24/7/365 and we never skimp in “off-hours”.

Shipping expertise

Freight markets now evolve and change with lightning speed. Staying on top is a full-time job. Our Freight Guru, Tony C., sends out a regular freight analysis report to keep you in the loop.

Fast turnaround pricing

Sometimes, you need to know in a hurry how much something will cost to move. Answer a few basic questions, and we’ll get you a hard quote with the best possible pricing for your freight job in less than 4 hours.