Available Loads

We know that without good drivers to haul our customers’ freight, Legion wouldn’t exist. In order to attract and maintain the best partners out there, we offer the following:

Getting Started

Becoming a carrier for the Legion is a fairly quick and definitely painless process.  You will need to complete the minimal paperwork in our carrier packet that we email to you and email or fax it back to us. We will contact your insurance carrier and references as soon as you return the packet. We can set you up in as little as an hour.

Direct Deposit

We know you have to be on the road to be making money, and sometimes it’s just not convenient to stop at a bank to deposit checks. So we offer direct deposit to our drivers through ACH. We just need the direct deposit form filled out and a voided check and we can put your money right into your account.

Quick Pay

Our regular days to pay for our carriers is usually 17 days, which is really fast for our industry. But if you need your money even faster, you can have your invoice paid between 1 and 10 business days for a small fee. And if you are set up for direct deposit, you won’t even have to take time to go to the bank!

Fuel Advances

Carriers who have hauled for us previously can request fuel advances. This means fewer upfront costs for them to haul our loads.

Financial Security

With the Legion, you don’t have to worry whether or not your invoices will be paid. We have an A rating with TransCredit and carried a $75,000 bond long before it was required. So when you haul a load for the Legion, you will get paid.

Loads Available Year-Round

Because our loads come in all shapes and sizes, there is always something to be moved. You may be hauling onions during produce season, then driving military freight in the winter. We also try to keep our drivers busy by setting them up with loads for their return trips instead of letting them drive back empty. Here is a list of our available loads.

Happy, Knowledgeable Problem Solvers

We call our brokers “problem solvers” because they do so much more than just broker a deal. They are available to our customers and carriers throughout the shipping process to handle problems, give updates, or just lend a sympathetic ear.

A Strict Honesty Policy

Our brokers are not allowed to lie to a carrier, no matter how much money they stand to make on a load. If something happens, we want to be honest and upfront about it because we would expect our carriers to be honest and upfront about any problems with us.

If we can make your job easier by being ethical, fair and generous, we will, because you are the ones out there doing the hard work of moving freight every day.

Thanks for doing your best and making us look our best!