Eight Years and Counting

Eight years ago today, Legion Logistics was born. The date is stamped on our formation paperwork with the Commonwealth of Kentucky – like a midwife signing a birth certificate, Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes declared us an official company on September 26, 2009. At that moment, Legion was really just a concept, not a …

Robert – Problem Solver Advice
Bio of Tony Coutsoftides
Culture at Legion Logistics LLC
Bio of Lacy Starling
The Ideal Candidate

One of the questions Tony and I are asked all the time is what makes an ideal candidate for a sales job here at Legion. It’s taken us pretty much the entire eight years we’ve been in business, but I feel like we finally have a firm grasp on what it takes to be a …

Water Balloon Dodgeball Tournament
Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

On my desk, I have a lot of papers hanging up. Some of them are notes from my daughter, some are schedules for trainee rotations, and a few are inspirational quotes and sayings that help me get through the day. The most important one, though, is the one that says “Hold the Vision, Trust the …

The Water’s Fine

Last week, I voluntarily jumped off a perfectly good raft into freezing cold water, just because I could. And that felt like a pretty apt metaphor for my life. I was on a whitewater rafting trip in the Canadian Rockies, getting ready to face down Class 4 rapids swollen with snow melt. It was about …

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