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Men with Balloons, Tie your Shoes!
Lacy Starling #likeamom Segment
Management Team Video Segment
President and Fearless Leader, Lacy Starling, June 2017 Segment
Management Video Segment
Management Video Segment
Father's Day Segment
Management Monday's - Staci
Water Balloon Dodgeball Tournament
What Tony & Lacy Look For in a Sales Candidate
Culture at Legion Logistics LLC
History of Legion Logistics LLC
Bio of Tony Coutsoftides
Bio of Lacy Starling
Robert - Problem Solver Advice
LegionTalk - Wednesday, October 24th
2018 Office Olympics
LegionTalk with Nick Wilson
LegionTalk with Brandon Mason
LegionTalk with Levi Papai
LegionTalk with Jacob Cardis
LegionTalk with Jeremy Chapman
LegionTalk with Zach Baker
Why Legion?
Why Choose Legion? A breakdown...
Why Choose Legion? 24/7 Support
We Treat your Freight as if it's Our Own
We Help You Plan Your Routes!
Legion has Never Been Afraid of Complicated Freight
We Don't Believe in "Key Accounts"
We Believe in Doing it Right, Even if that Costs Us Money