Technology at Legion

Technology has come a long way, and it is always advancing. But what does that mean, and what effect does it have on HR functions at Legion Logistics?

When you think of what technological advances mean what comes to mind? A fancy new system with all the bells and whistles, or maybe a technology that has the ability to give flawless, accurate, and instant solutions to a problem. Those are all good ideas that technology can achieve, but first, technology has to go through a process to reach its full potential.

Which leads me to the first technological improvement that has a positive effect on Legion’s human resources. In the short amount of time that I have been with Legion, I have seen vast improvements in recruiting. The overall speed of the hiring process, from the time Legion posts a job, to the time a potential applicant applies is faster, and more consistent.

There are other notable mentions that I tried to condense as much as possible to avoid getting lost in the details, so here are a few areas that I’ve seen improvement due to technological advances:

• Speed of recruiting
• Communicating with applicants/candidates
• Filing & sorting
• Uniform emails
• Consistency
• Simplified system navigation

Staying up to date and organized is crucial to all functions of HR, so utilizing external sources that specialize in creating a fast and effective system like Zoho, Handshake, and ZipRecruiter has been a key ingredient to a successful hiring process as well as creating an organized ATS (applicant tracking system). Having a secure structured system in place creates a greater opportunity for Legion to connect with a diverse pool of individuals while simultaneously compiling data into organized individual profiles for all applicants. Having the capability to schedule meetings, maintain surveys, and create blogs are just a few added bonuses that Legion will use to their advantage.

Last but not least, Legion uses technology to create templates (like email, and job descriptions) that are tailored specifically to Legion’s brand to distribute to all applicants, so everyone receives the same high-quality experience.

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