Current openings

Right Hand Person

We need a Right Hand Person to dispatch and track all of our freight.

Are you up to the challenge?

Sales Intern

If you’re interested in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, or logistics, Legion is the place to intern.

You’ll get actual experience that helps your education and future career. And you’ll be paid for it. The downside is that you might be overwhelmed by our awesomeness.

Problem Solver®

We call our account managers Problem Solvers® because that's what they do: SOLVE PROBLEMS.
You will spend the day on the phone, contacting customers, working to move freight and expediting any issues.

What’s working life like at Legion — and why you should join us!

Choosing where to work is never easy.

We know that you aren’t going to make the decision to work for us based solely on a website visit. However, here are what we think are the four most important reasons you should consider Legion as the next stop on your career path.

Competitive pay

If you are giving us the majority of your waking hours, you should get paid well in return. We regularly check our pay against the market to make sure we’re paying competitive wages and offering the right incentives. We pride ourselves on paying at the top of the range for all our positions, because we hire the best and they are worth it.

Excellent training

Most people who come to work at Legion have never worked in logistics before — and that’s okay! We have spent countless hours developing a best-in-class training program that starts on day one and never really ends. A mix of classroom and experiential training helps everyone learn in the style that suits them, and we provide ongoing professional development to keep everyone at the cutting edge.

People-centric attitude

Legion began with a handful of people in the basement of a house, and we’ve never lost touch with that. We care deeply about our employees as people, not just numbers. We celebrate their important moments — marriages, babies, graduations — and we support our folks through their tough moments. When you come to work at Legion, you’ll become part of a group that genuinely cares about you, and who will work overtime to make you feel at home.

Awesome Culture

What we do is stressful, no doubt about it. We work with man and machine, and both are unpredictable (so are traffic and weather, two other things we work with all the time).

In order to balance out that stress a little, we like to have fun in the office. Whether it’s sharing a beer at the Tiki Bar on Fridays (or any day we close a customer) or chucking watermelons in the parking lot to celebrate the start of produce season in Florida, we find ways to let off some steam, have a few laughs and sometimes even get some physical activity.

Legion’s 22 rules for success

After our first ten years in business, we sat down to outline exactly what it takes to be a successful Legion employee—someone who contributes every day, helps Legion grow, and is generally pretty awesome.

These 22 Rules for Success outline the behaviors that our best employees embody. Follow these rules, and you'll become an indispensable part of our organization. (And dial up your awesome factor about 1000%.)

What we look for in our people

One of the questions we are asked all the time is what makes an ideal candidate for a sales job here at Legion. It’s taken us a lot of trial and error, but here’s what we feel what it takes to be a successful Problem Solver.

A positive attitude

Sales is hard. Logistics is hard. Selling logistics is really hard. And frustrating. And stressful. A good Problem Solver will be resilient and have a great deal of emotional maturity. To weather the storms (sometimes quite literally) of this business, you have to be able to take a bad day and — rather than letting it turn into two bad days, or a bad week, or a bad month — turn it into an opportunity to reset, recharge, and refit.

A sense of urgency

Our business is all about timing. Freight needs to get to where it is going on time, every time. Our customers count on us to understand that. There is nothing in our industry that happens slowly, and anyone working in a sales capacity for us needs to move with urgency and speed. We have to all come in ready to attack the day, and when problems arise (as they inevitably do), we have to problem-solve with a sense of purpose. Someone who cannot will never be successful at Legion or anywhere else in logistics.

Culture fit

For years, we’ve worked diligently to create an environment where people are comfortable being themselves. Our team members understand that we, as leaders, care about them as humans, and they know we won’t tolerate people treating others badly. This goes for gossip, or general poor ethics as well. In the past, we’ve had people on the staff who violated those tenets. Only once we got rid of all the toxic, negative people were we able to feel like our culture had finally jelled. We only hire people we believe will contribute to the positive atmosphere at Legion.

Can take and act on feedback

One of the most important aspects of being a successful salesperson is the ability to take, and incorporate, feedback into your performance. Management meets with all our Problem Solvers on a weekly basis. For those sessions to be useful, informative and motivational, Problem Solvers must be open-minded. Defensive attitudes prevent improvement and success. Prospective employees must demonstrate that they are open to suggestion, constructive criticism, and can to learn from others.

Hear from the team

Where you work — and who you work with — is just as important as what you are doing.

We want you to know as much as you can about Legion before you decide to come work here. Here are just a few videos to help you get to know us, our management style, and our work culture, better.

Make the first move