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We don’t always have open positions, because once people start working here, they tend to stick around. But occasionally, someone will get an offer to go run a dude ranch in Montana or become a fighter pilot, and we’ll have to hire someone new.

Legion Culture
Watermelon chucking is a thing

Where you work is just as important as what you are doing, so we want you to know as much as you can about Legion before you decide to work here. We have plenty of blogs, photos, and videos to contribute to your research.

You have to make the first move

Ready to take the plunge and throw your hat in the Legion hiring ring? We don’t ask for much in our online application process, so brush up that resume, figure out what position you’d like to have at Legion, and apply away.

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4 Reasons You Should Join the Legion

Aug 7, 2019 - Choosing where to work is never easy. The interview process often feels fake, or contrived (are the employees really always that happy, or did they just give the grumpy ones the day off?), and you have to make a decision based on spending just a few hours in an office, and talking to a handful of people. We take longer picking where to go eat on a Friday night than we do deciding where to spend the majority of our waking hours, it seems.

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Problem Solver®

We call our sales people Problem Solvers because that's what they do. SOLVE PROBLEMS.

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Sales Intern

If you have any interest in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, or logistics, this is the place for you. The upside is that you’ll get actual experience from your internship that you can apply to your education and future career. The downside is that you might be overwhelmed by our awesomeness.

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