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We Care About the Bottom Line

There are a lot of awards in the world that focus on top-line revenue. Pretty much every single award Legion has ever won for growth looks solely at top-line sales numbers. And that’s great – the numbers are usually pretty big, and it feels good to say I run a $26 million company, or that …

Men with Balloons, Tie your Shoes!
Where’s The Love

My husband and I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day. It feels like a chore more than anything – here’s another day when you have to remember to buy a card, get a present, make a big deal, etc. And after putting together 24 Valentine’s gifts for my daughter’s kindergarten class, I’m pretty much loved out. …

Athletes Can Be Assets

When people think of college athletes, they often think “man, that player will have a job lined up just because of being an athlete.” That turns out to not always be the case. Numerous friends who graduated in the past couple of years have truly struggled to find their ideal job, even with their well-known …

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