Four Reasons You Should Join the Legion

Four Reasons You Should Join the Legion

Choosing where to work is never easy. The interview process often feels fake, or contrived (are the employees really always that happy, or did they just give the grumpy ones the day off?), and you have to make a decision based on spending just a few hours in an office, and talking to a handful of people. We take longer picking where to go eat on a Friday night than we do deciding where to spend the majority of our waking hours, it seems.

At Legion, we know that you aren’t going to make the decision to work for us based on a visit to our website and by reading this blog (if only it were that easy!), but for the sake of informing your decision, here are four of what we think are the most important reasons you should consider Legion as the next stop on your career path.

We Offer Competitive Pay

Let’s be honest—we work for the money. Not many of us love what we do so much that we’d do it for free, and even if we do, we still have bills to pay. At Legion, we believe that if you are giving us the majority of your waking hours, you should get paid well for them. We analyze our pay against the market regularly to make sure we’re paying competitive wages and offering the right incentives for our employees. We pride ourselves on paying at the top of the range for all our positions, because we hire the best and they are worth it.

We Have Excellent Training

Most of the people who come to work at Legion have never worked in logistics before, and that’s okay. We have spent countless hours developing a best-in-class training program that starts on day one and never really ends. We offer a mix of classroom and experiential training, to help everyone learn in the style that suits them best, and we offer ongoing training on industry updates and changes, to make sure all our employees are up-to-date. We’ll train you on the processes and procedures proven to make you successful in your role.

We Care About Our People

Legion started with a handful of people in the basement of a house, and we’ve never lost touch with that part of our culture, even as we’ve grown. Everyone at Legion is integral to our success—no one coasts, and everyone contributes—and we care deeply about our employees as people, not just numbers. We celebrate the important moments in our employees’ lives—marriages, babies, graduations—and we support our folks through their tough moments. When you come to work at Legion, you know it is with a group of people who genuinely care about you and your family, and who will work overtime to make you feel at home.

We Have an Awesome Culture

What we do is stressful, no doubt about it. We work with man and machine, and both are unpredictable (so are traffic and weather, two other things we work with all the time). In order to balance out that stress a little, we like to have fun in the office. Whether it’s sharing a beer at the Tiki Bar on Fridays (or any day we close a customer) or chucking watermelons in the parking lot to celebrate the start of produce season in Florida, we find ways to let off some steam, have a few laughs and sometimes even get some physical activity. (Chucking a watermelon for distance is no joke, people.) We have a diverse group of people at Legion, and we believe letting everyone relax and have fun together is the best way to not only combat the regular stresses of the job, but also to build a team that rows together toward the same goals.

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