Four Reasons You Should Partner with Legion

Making the decision to work with a new broker is never easy. There are some really shady brokers out there, and it can be hard to tell until you work with someone if they are going to treat you well or not. At Legion, we understand that the drivers who put their trust in us need to be treated well, respected, and paid promptly for the work they do. We’ve spent a decade establishing a reputation for fair treatment in the industry, and we’d love to have you on board as one of our partner carriers. Here are just four of the reasons we think you’d love working with Legion.
We Believe in Partnerships
Some brokerages treat carriers as expendable—they think they can treat drivers badly because there are always more out there. Not Legion. We understand that our partner carriers are the most important part of our operation. Without you, we can’t move our customers’ freight, and we’re out of business. Therefore, we look at our relationships with carriers as a true partnership—we want to create mutually beneficial relationships and make sure that everyone is being compensated fairly, spoken to respectfully, and dealt with honestly.
We Provide Financial Security
The biggest risk in working with a broker is that they won’t pay you on time. We pride ourselves on having the highest possible ratings, great working relationships with factoring companies, and a decade of solid credit history, so you can be confident that we’ll pay you on time. Legion also offers several Quick-Pay options, fuel advances for qualifying loads, and direct deposit, so you never have to find a bank to deposit your payments.
We Have an Easy Setup Process
There is nothing worse than being in your truck, working, and having to stop to fill out and scan or fax paperwork to get set up with a new brokerage. Legion understands that your time is money and we’ve made our new carrier setup process as seamless as possible. You can even fill out our agreement from your phone, no printing or scanning necessary!
We’ll Find You Year-Round Freight
Through our LegionCarrier program, you can put our sales team to work for you. Simply get set up with Legion and let us know the areas you are in most often, and we’ll work to pair you up with our existing customers who need capacity in those areas. And if your loads are seasonal, we’ll work to find you other freight to keep your trucks moving year-round.
Those are just four of the reasons you should consider partnering with Legion. If you have other questions, or you’d like to get set up, just call us at 859-384-1726.

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