When We Say North America, We Mean It

In today’s world, getting freight into and out of the United States is more complex than ever. Trade agreements are shifting, border concerns are growing, and the way we used to do business doesn’t work anymore. For a company that needs to move raw materials or finished products around North America, this changing landscape can be intimidating. And most freight brokerages want nothing to do with it – they simply want to stay within the lower 48 and be done with it.

Not Legion. We have worked hard over the past decade to develop the relationships and knowledge necessary to get your freight wherever it needs to go in North America. We have partnered with carriers, customs brokerages, and facilities at both borders to help your freight move smoothly and efficiently, as well as being able to track your loads after they cross the border.

Whether it’s produce, oil field equipment or barrels for aging tequila, we’ve moved it into and out of Canada and Mexico, without getting mired in bureaucratic issues or customs holdups. We have carriers we trust to keep your freight secure, and if you are sending your own trailers or equipment across the border, we know how to ensure it comes back in the same state it left.

Internally, we have teams built who focus on Mexico and Canada, with knowledge and experience built on years of moving freight in a constantly changing regulatory environment. There really isn’t a single issue they haven’t seen and worked through, and you can put their training to work immediately on your supply chain.

For most companies, it is no longer enough to just ship within the United States. In order to be competitive in a global economy, you have to be able to take advantage of resources to our north and south, and you need to have good partners to help you do that. Let Legion be your freight partner on your North American shipments, and see what a difference having a company with experience and relationships in all three countries makes.

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