We don’t believe in “Key Accounts.”

Many sales organizations (and logistics brokerages are nothing if not sales organizations) group their customers into tiers. Big companies are Tier One customers, and they get all the attention and the good pens. Mid-market companies are Tier Two and they get some attention and the cheaper pens. Little companies and startups are Tier Three, and they *might* get their phone calls answered and an email on their anniversary.

At Legion, we think that’s crappy. We started off as one of those Tier Three customers, and we’re still lucky if we can crack into Tier Two, so we understand the pain of trying to get your questions answered when your vendors would rather be spending their time on big companies they think will spend more. We remember very clearly the partners we had in the beginning who treated us well even if we weren’t spending the most money with them, and as we’ve grown, they’ve retained our business. And we try to apply that model to our own business.

At the end of the day, it’s about respect, good customer service and frankly, being decent human beings. If you trust us to move your freight, whether it’s one load or one thousand loads, we are going to give you the same high level of responsiveness, customization, communication and partnership. We started off working with small customers, many of whom had never shipped anything larger than a UPS box, and it was having a solid partner in supply chain that allowed them to grow. We haven’t forgotten where we started, or how frustrating it can be to feel like you are competing for attention from your vendors. (It probably helps that both our founders are the youngest children in their families, so they understand what it’s like to jockey for position.)

So at Legion, you won’t find us sorting our customers into tiers, or buckets, or brackets. To us, you are all Tier One, and we’ll treat you that way.

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