We control our technology, so you can get what you need

When we started Legion 10 years ago, one of our first priorities was to make sure our technology was state of the art. We understood then how important it was for us to be able to track freight and communicate with our customers the information they needed in a timely fashion, so we invested in IT immediately.

The past decade has only made good technology MORE important, so we’ve continued to invest. We’ve developed our own software in-house, and we have a programmer on staff who can make modifications on the fly. What this means for customers is that we can meet pretty much every need you have when it comes to technology.

We have the capability for EDI integration with your software, making tendering freight and tracking loads a snap. If you don’t have EDI capabilities, we have an online portal where you can download any and all load information, including invoices and BOLs, and send messages to our accounting department. You can track loads in real time on our portal as well, and communicate with your Problem Solver.

For freight tracking, we utilize several different platforms, and we can integrate with your system, if that’s what you prefer. We can send tracking updates to you electronically, and immediately, so you never have to wonder where your freight is, or if it is going to be delivered on time. (Although, with our 98% on-time delivery, that’s not usually a concern anyhow.)

Basically, if you have a technology need when it comes to working with a freight brokerage, we can meet it. We work with customers large and small every day to make our communication and integration seamless, and to be as much a part of your communication flow as you need us to be. We understand how complex and time-consuming supply chain can be for most companies, and we want to make it as easy as possible.

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