We Aren’t Afraid of Complicated Freight

Many of our competitors are only interested in the easy stuff – one pick, one drop, non-hazmat, etc. Frankly, we think that’s boring. (Don’t worry – if your freight is easy, we’ll still move it.) From our very first days in business, when we had to move weird stuff – a Ronald McDonald statue was my personal favorite – we’ve made it our business to never turn someone down because their freight is complicated.

We have customers who require hourly updates on their freight, including wind speed and traffic conditions. We have loads that pick up in three locations and deliver to 10 or 15 different locations. We take freight into Mexico, and we take freight out of Mexico. We deliver to military bases that require our drivers to be US Citizens with (what feels like) 22 forms of identification. We move the really big stuff, and the really expensive stuff, and the really confusing stuff, and we help our customers figure out the best way to do it.

If this were easy, you wouldn’t need our help. If all freight was simple, no one would need a freight broker – you’d just have one person in the office who handled freight, and I’d have to find something else to do with my life. And frankly, if we can’t handle your complicated freight, we don’t deserve the easy stuff.

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