We Are Legion
(You Should Be Too)

It’s not just about getting things where they need to go, it’s about moving ahead. We’re increasing our customers’ productivity and their profit. We’re pushing our employees to realize their true potential by encouraging them to set audacious goals, then helping them achieve those goals. We’re changing the way people think about logistics.

We’ll Move Just About Anything.
Within Reason. OK, Anything.

We’re up for any challenge you can throw at us. From fruit to chickens to axes and tanks, we’ll make sure your cargo arrives safely and on time.

Why We Do What We Do

Tony and Lacy knew they could do it better. They knew they could service their customers better and treat their employees better. Combining their business and logistics expertise and risking every dime they had, they started Legion, not knowing where it would lead. Fast forward five years and you’ll find a thriving business, happy, motivated employees, and satisfied customers across the country.

What Are Others Saying About Us?