Why You Can Count on Our Carriers

The carriers who drive for Legion are not employed by Legion, and that concerns a lot of the prospects we want to work with. I’ve often thought if they only knew what an extensive vetting process our carriers go through before moving a load, they would probably reconsider. Today I’ve decided to give it a try. Here is Legion’s carrier vetting process:
  • Broker/Carrier Contract

    • A fully completed broker/carrier contract must be received and entered into our system before load details are disclosed and the driver is dispatched.
  • MC Authority Check

    • Legion’s internal carrier services staff verify that the Federal Motor Carrier Authority is active for the carrier.
  • Insurance

    • Legion’s internal carrier services staff verify insurance coverages with the carrier’s insurance provider and become a certificate holder so we are immediately notified of any changes to the insurance for the carrier.
  • SaferSys/DOT Check

    • Legion’s internal carrier services staff verify that all the following metrics are below the national averages:

      • Unsafe Driving 
      • Driver Fitness
      • Vehicle Maintenance
      • Fatigued Driver
      • C&S Alcohol
  • TIA Check

    • Legion’s internal carrier services staff check the carrier’s history with the Transportation Intermediaries Association to ensure the carrier has no history of negative reports, including fraud, holding loads hostage, payment issues, etc.
    • Any carrier with negative history is automatically disqualified from hauling freight for Legion.
  • References

    • Legion’s internal carrier services staff speak with at least three references on each carrier, to ensure they have a history of providing good work – on time delivery, clear communication, etc.
    • If the carrier services staff cannot reach at least two of the provided references, Legion will not use that carrier
  • Certifications

    • On a per-load basis, Legion’s internal carrier services staff verify that all carriers have necessary certifications, including

      • TSA
      • TWIC
      • TRU Compliance
      • Smartway
      • UIIA
      • Bonded
      • C-TPAT
Even after the previous steps are complete, drivers new to Legion are not immediately given loads that are extremely high-value, time-sensitive, or otherwise more challenging. Those loads are given to drivers who have proven themselves through numerous successful deliveries. Our carriers must also meet any customer-specific requirements as well.
All of this information is kept in our proprietary customer/carrier management system. Our Problem Solvers can quickly determine the best carrier for each load and our carrier services department can easily update information as it changes. And because we have over 20,000 vetted drivers in our system, we can always find the right qualified carrier for every load.