Why Do We Drink Bourbon on Graduation Day?

In 2010, when we first started hiring Problem Solvers at Legion, we were looking for a proper way to signify that they had completed training and were ready to go out on their own. This was a momentous occasion – graduating from sales training is not easy, and it can be a stressful process. We wanted to celebrate, draw a line in the sand, and announce to everyone at the company that this person had put in the necessary work and was ready to start Solving Problems with the training wheels off.


We thought about cake. We thought about certificates. We thought about lunch. But none of that seemed appropriately….Legion enough.


So we did shots.


At first, it was vodka, because that’s what we had in the house. But then, someone suggested that since we live and work in Kentucky, we should really be drinking bourbon. And so the tradition of doing shots of Woodford when people graduate from sales training was born.


We have giant bottles of Woodford in the kitchen, and the empties are displayed in our conference room, as reminders of those who have graduated before us.



by Lacy Starling, President & Fearless Leader