Why a Ping-Pong Table Doesn’t Make a Company Awesome

One of the biggest incentives ever earned by the sales floor for hitting their weekly numbers here at the Legion was a Ping-Pong table. Not any old table, mind you, a $2,300 Killerspin Revolution Premium Table. The same table that Arnold Schwarzenegger played on in the Bud Light Super Bowl commercial in 2014. That means we’re an awesome company to work for,right? Hardly.

When the table first arrived, people were playing constantly. And we touted it on social media: “How cool are we? We have a Ping-Pong table!” After a while, more Ping-Pong was being played than work was being done, so rules were set in place. A certain sales number had to be hit before an individual could play. The people who played the most slowly left the company, and the table started to get a little dusty.

But this wasn’t the end of Legion, not by a long shot. The company has grown larger and stronger than ever before. And we realize now that the Ping-Pong table didn’t make our company awesome at all. Here’s what does:

People who want to make money and move the company forward, not just play Ping-Pong.

People who decide to work here because they find working for a small entrepreneurial company interesting and challenging, not just because their friends work here.

Company owners who encourage and support their employees, respect their ideas and opinions, and give them room to grow, even if it means they make mistakes sometimes.

People who aren’t afraid to work outside their job description.

People who realize how fortunate they are and want to give back to the community.

People who enjoy working together to get the job done, then going out together to celebrate a good day’s work.

So where is the once-coveted Ping-Pong table now? It is currently in storage, having been disassembled to make room for all of the incredible people the Legion has hired and is continuing to hire. Once we move to a larger space that can accommodate all of us and the Ping-Pong table, I’m sure it will return.

But it is not what makes us awesome.