What FC Cincinnati Means to Legion

What could be more exciting than adding a major sports team to the Tri-State? Even those of us who don’t regularly follow sports are caught up in the excitement and the possibilities of what this franchise could become.

For Legion, the excitement is magnified by the fact that we are one of four corporate sponsors for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Not only that, we are sponsoring the best bunch of fans around – the students.  We are looking forward to connecting with them before the game at our tent between the beer gardens, during the game in the stands, and at the party that is sure to come afterward, whether they win or lose.

FC Cincinnati also means a great opportunity for exposure. Our name will be in the stadium, outside the stands, announced on the PA, in the program, and on the swag that we’ll be passing out at our branded tent. There are rumblings that these games may be televised, increasing our reach that much more. This is our chance to make Legion known and to come out from the shadows of the other larger logistics companies in our area.

With this great exposure comes great responsibility, and honestly, abject terror. We have never run a campaign so large and so visible, or even a campaign at all. So FC will be a learning experience for us. We want our message to be cohesive, provocative, memorable, and motivating.

We are not viewing our relationship with FC Cincinnati as a sponsorship, but rather as a partnership. We want the franchise to benefit as much from Legion as we hope to benefit from them. This means spreading the word through social media, filling our 20 seats in the student section with loud, rowdy fans to get the crowd going, co-branding our bottle-openers, thunder sticks, pom-poms, bullhorns, whatever we hand out, and encouraging our media contacts and employees to talk about the team.

So we are stoked, we are scared, and we are proud to be a part of this incredible adventure.