Tips on Following Up with an Employer after an Interview

You wrote a stellar resume that landed you an interview that you’re pretty sure you nailed. Now what?

It’s time for some follow-up. There is a very fine line between effectively following up with a potential employer and annoying them so much they cross you off the list. Here are some tips to keep you in the forefront of your future employer’s mind without pushing him or her over the edge.


Send a thank-you note

This follow-up technique has been around as long as people have been interviewing. While a handwritten note may seem old-school with today’s technology, many believe this is still a nice touch that will make you stand out to potential employers who are most likely inundated with emails. If you decide to go this route, don’t send your note on a sheet of notebook paper torn out of your old college spiral-bound notebook. Go for a nice quality note card or stationery with a matching envelope. Use your best handwriting and avoid all grammar and spelling errors, including when you address the envelope.

If the employer you interviewed with is incredibly high-tech and all of your interactions have been electronic – resume submitted by email, interview conducted over Skype – then a thank-you email is most likely in order. The same rules on grammar and spelling still apply. You also need to avoid falling into the email trap of being too familiar. Your email should still be professional and should not include smiley faces or large amounts of exclamation points. This is a potential employer you writing to, not an old high school friend.

Your note might include a certain accomplishment or skill you failed to mention during the interview. Providing an industry article or other bit of information that is pertinent to the employer’s business is also a nice touch. If the interviewer said they would get back to you within a certain timeframe, reference that in your note. If no deadline was given, mention that you will follow up with them in a couple weeks, then be sure to do so.


Follow Up by Phone or Email

This part is even trickier than the thank-you note because it can really seem like nagging to an employer. Obviously, following up by email is less intrusive on a person’s day, and it allows you to type exactly what you want say ahead of time rather than doing it on the fly over the phone. However, if you can catch someone at a good time by phone, it may lead to a positive dialogue and ultimately a new career. A good rule of thumb is to make contact through the method that the interviewer has used most. Don’t demand an answer, just ask about the progress on their search and if you can offer any additional information. If you were given a response date, don’t make contact at all until after that date, no matter how badly you want the job.


We hope this helps you in your search for your new career. If you would like more information on any part of the hiring process our Headhunters are happy to help, even if you aren’t interested in a career with Legion Logistics. You can reach our recruiters at [email protected]. You can also call us at (859) 384-1726 and ask for someone in our human resources department.