Time for a Change

When Legion started over six years ago I was the only employee, which made the division of duties pretty straightforward. As we started adding employees, we had to determine who would be handling what on a daily basis.

As soon as we started hiring Problem Solvers, we knew we wanted them to create their own book of business through cold-calling. They were then responsible for servicing the customers they had landed from the time every load picked up until delivery was complete. This arrangement kept them invested in their customers, created a strong relationship, and allowed them to control whom they worked with.

At the end of 2015, we were looking back on higher turnover rates than we liked and realized something. Some of our Problem Solvers were incredible account managers, but dreaded cold-calling. Others were amazing prospectors, but weren’t as into all the steps that followed. We knew we had to make a change.

Introducing the new and improved Legion sales floor. Now comprised of New Business Development (NBD), Problem Solvers, trainees, and Right-Hand People, our employees are able to concentrate on the areas in which they excel without struggling with the parts that they don’t. But that isn’t the only positive outcome of this change. Because our Problem Solvers no longer have to be focused on cold-calling, they can concentrate on servicing their customers, becoming experts in certain industries, equipment, and locations.

Our New Business Development group reaches out to prospects, determining their needs and whether or not Legion is a good fit. Once a partnership is established, NBD matches the customer with the most suitable Problem Solver who exclusively services this customer, along with his or her team. With this arrangement, customers are never being handled by an inexperienced Problem Solver.

This arrangement doesn’t prohibit Problem Solvers from finding their own customers, they are certainly welcome to do so. But it does relieve the pressure of cold-calling so that they can concentrate on their current customers, providing excellent service and growing the accounts.

We’re anxious to see how far this new arrangement propels us forward in 2016.

by Lacy Starling, President and Fearless Leader