The Benefits of an Owners Only Roundtable

As a small business owner and the public face of Legion, I am connected with numerous other small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Cincinnati area. I would frequently have breakfast or lunch with them, one at a time, and we’d talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This past spring, I had an epiphany. Why not get all of these high-growth business owners together? No, we really didn’t need one more thing on our calendars, but I thought we needed each other. We met for the first time in April and have been meeting monthly ever since. Our membership now represents 11 of the fastest-growing start-ups in the area.

Some of you may wonder why the world needs one more CEO roundtable. They are in great supply and most of us belonged to at least one before I founded the Fast Growth Roundtable. But there is a big difference. I love the fact that we are all owners. I feel much more comfortable speaking about my issues in front of people who are also signing on the bottom line, and I trust all of them to keep confidentiality. Also, I know that none of them are going to be leaving their companies (because we are owners) and going elsewhere, where they could talk about the information we’ve discussed. At other CEO roundtables, most of them are not owners, and it makes a difference in the discussion. Not better or worse, just different.

Out of this group of outstanding business owners has grown the Fast Growth Academy. In conjunction with Northern Kentucky University, we will be sharing our knowledge with other Tri-State entrepreneurs, those who have recently started a business and those who are still deciding whether or not to take the plunge. This bimonthly breakfast series kicks off on October 15, 2015 with a session about finding your niche. Other topics will include hiring more than family members, securing financing when you haven’t made a profit, and moving your company out of your basement, all things we have experienced personally.

Obviously we would love to find some potential customers among the event attendees. We do, after all, own businesses. But our ultimate goal is to help others join the growing number of successful small business owners that employ hundreds – maybe even thousands – of people in the Tri-State.

by Lacy Starling, President and Fearless Leader