Coutsoftides, Antony P.

A native of Cyprus – an island off the coasts of Greece and Turkey – Antony (Tony) Coutsoftides spent his youth moving around the world with his family, following the career of his father, a commercial airline pilot. After graduating from high school in Singapore, Tony moved to the United States by himself with the dream of joining the U.S. Army. Under the protests of his parents (they wanted him to finish college and joint the Army as an officer), he enlisted first in the Army Reserve and transitioned into full-time service as soon as he turned 18.

Tony had a distinguished career in the service, cut short by a training accident at Fort Bragg that resulted in his medical retirement. While enlisted, he was named the US Army Soldier of the Year in 1997 and then selected for Officer Candidate School. Upon receiving his citizenship and completing his degree, he became an officer in the Army and was stationed in South Korea, Colombia and several locations in the United States, eventually achieving the rank of Captain.

After leaving the Army, Tony worked in Cleveland at Smurfit Stone Container before returning to Europe at age 28, securing $10 million in financing, and starting his own cargo airline with routes to Asia, Africa and Europe. A weak global economy and exorbitant fuel prices forced him out of business, however, and he returned to the U.S. to find a career that could fill the void his exit from the Army had left in his life.

Tony found a career he loved in third-party logistics brokerage, working for Cincinnati-based TQL. The fast pace, the reward of sales, and the chance to apply his knowledge of military logistics combined to create a civilian life that finally lived up to the high standards he’d set for himself in the military. What he didn’t love, however, was the culture at the organization where he was working, and the gaps in the marketplace that he felt they weren’t addressing. So, even though he was TQL’s top salesperson, setting new records every year, Tony made the decision to leave TQL, sit out a year, and then join his then-wife, Lacy, who had started a new 3PL, Legion Logistics.

Tony joined Legion as CEO in June of 2010 and the company has been on a rocket ship ever since. He has led the company over the last five years from a $12,000 company in the basement of his house to a $26.5 million juggernaut with 51 employees and hundreds of customers across North America.

When he’s not serving as Legion’s Freight Guru, Tony enjoys horses, soccer (especially FC Cincinnati!), Formula 1 racing, Crossfit and spending time at his Union, Kentucky, home with his fiancée, Rebecca, their two children and a dog and two cats.