Resume Tips from our Recruiter

It’s almost fall, which means that many companies are kicking their recruiting efforts into high gear! Is your resume ready to hand out at job fairs?

We talked to our Legion recruiter, Rachel, about some ways that you can make sure your resume makes the “call back” pile.


What is the best thing that someone can do for their resume?

The best thing you can do is customize your resume for each position you are after. It sounds tedious, but the work will go a long way. Do your homework, find out exactly what it takes to be great in the role you want, and focus on anything you’ve done that would make you successful in the new position. Not every job you want will require the same skills, so make it personal. Another thing recruiters and hiring managers want to see is results. Are you a great salesperson? Wonderful – show me those numbers. Are your design skills top notch? Fantastic – include a sample of your work. Really call out specific figures and metrics if you can.


What are the worst resume mistakes you’ve seen?

I’ve seen resumes that don’t include contact information, aren’t specific about the experience at each position listed, or don’t even tell me what companies the applicant worked for. Recruiters won’t do the legwork on these vague resumes, they will be thrown away! Another absolute rule: typos will put your resume in the NO pile as soon as they are spotted. Have a few different people proofread your resume before sending.


How can candidates make sure their resume stands out in a positive way?

Make your resume clear, concise, and easy to read. Let other people read it before taking it to an interview to make sure everything makes perfect sense. And don’t forget – show achievements, not a long list of duties.

As a recruiter, what are your biggest resume pet peeves?

Bad format – If your resume is lines upon lines of data, I can’t scan it for the things I need. Make it a quick read with an 11 or 12-point font and enough space between lines so that recruiters can gather information quickly.

Too long – I am hesitant to go through a four-page resume. Unless you have extensive job experience and are decades into your career, try to fit your resume on one page. That’s enough to highlight your best attributes without it becoming cumbersome.
Pictures or other personal information – Hiring managers are supposed to make decisions with no regard to your age, race, gender, or other personal data. Unless you’re a model, DO NOT include a picture.

Too Forward – It’s not a sign of great character when an application includes a message saying something like, “I would like to interview with you on Thursday morning” or “My salary range is…” Please remember all companies have a different interview process and a face-to-face interview is not always the first step. They’ve only just seen your resume! Salary is something that can be discussed after the company shows interest. A better phrase to conclude: “I look forward to hearing from you.” This asks for a response from the reviewer without seeming too forward or desperate.


For other tips on making sure your resume is application-ready, visit our “Job Search Tips” board on Pinterest. Once your resume is finished, be sure to catch the Legion recruiters at upcoming job fairs!