Million Dollar Club – Sean Bradley

This week, Legion is celebrating our first Million Dollar Club member, Sean Bradley.

Legion’s Million Dollar Club is achieved when a Problem Solver accumulates $1,000,000 in gross profit over their career. This award requires the Problem Solver to consistently be an outstanding producer, to be mentally tough enough to withstand this industry, and to do whatever it takes to be successful while adhering to the integrity that Legion demands.

Aaron Schweitzer, our sales manager, said this about the honor: “Sean is now the ‘Old Man’ on the floor and has been putting up brokerage since he moved his first load in August of 2012. He has moved more than 3000 loads, generated over $7.6 million in sales, which has resulted in his $1.1 million in brokerage during his years with Legion.”

Sean truly is an “old man” here. He was one of the first people we hired after we moved out of the basement and into our offices here in Florence. In the time that he’s been here, his life has changed dramatically. He met and married his wife – the wedding shall always be a part of Legion Lore – and grown more as a person and a leader than I think any of us expected when he started here.

My favorite thing about Sean is his incredible loyalty. I know that he’ll go to the mat for Legion, anytime, anywhere. He truly believes that Legion is his family, and I cannot put a value on that. Sean is steady, hardworking and persistent. I never worry about him letting his customers – or fellow employees – down. Sure, he cheats at every single office pool or fantasy league we have (or at least that’s the rumor), and he sits down so far in his chair that none of us can ever tell if he’s at his desk or not, but we are willing to forgive those foibles for the years of great work he’s given us, and the years still to come.

At this point, I can’t imagine a Legion without Sean. And I hope I never have to.


A five-question interview with Sean Bradley, our first Million Dollar Club member.

Sean, you were one of our first employees. How did you hear about the job at Legion? 

My mom, Kim Bradley, does promotional items for Legion, and she made the introduction for me with Lacy and Tony. And the rest is history.

What’s your favorite thing about working here?

The flexibility, and the unlimited earning potential. Also, The times I have had to miss work for tough times, Legion always supported me 100%. I lost people in my family, and Legion was 100% understanding and gave me the time I needed. Those are the things that have always stuck with me, and why I will be loyal to this company.

What’s your least favorite thing about working here?

Patrick Huster, no doubt. (Editor’s note: Patrick is another Problem Solver at Legion. He and Sean are actually besties, but it’s more of a frenemy/bromance type thing. It’s complicated, in the way all things at Legion are.)

What’s the secret to your success?

That old saying “survive and advance”. Keeping your head down, working hard, and finding your niche with customers are the main keys. You do that and good things will come. The first couple years you really have to scrap and hustle. Year three, the flood gates really open and earning skyrockets. It’s all about finding those customers that show you loyalty and vice versa. Being available when no one else is, and as time goes by that will put you in the right spot to be the point man with your customer. That’s when you really earn big. Success doesn’t come overnight. It takes a lot of work, and patience. Nothing comes overnight in this line of work.

What’s your favorite Legion memory?

There have been a lot of good memories. It’s tough to pick one. From seeing Levi dressed as a Panda in a dance battle, to singing Lynyrd Skynyrd karaoke with Lacy while wearing aviators. Or winning a bet with Tony, that took us to Atlanta to see UK play basketball. Being the three-time watermelon chucking champion is great also. Sam’s double fist slam on the desk is a classic as well. Even recently seeing Hunter eat a giant dog treat for $22. Many good times.

(Editor’s note: Levi is our VP of Operations. He once wore a panda hat at a holiday party and had a dance battle with some other employees. There’s a video on YouTube somewhere of this. Yes, Sean and I did sing karaoke. More than once. I don’t remember Lynyrd Skynrd, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. It means there was an open bar that night. Tony and Sean did drive to Atlanta to watch UK play Duke. No one remembers the specifics of the bet, but legend has it that it was a great time. Sean is undefeated in the Watermelon-Chucking competition. He’s had the trophy on his desk since it was created in 2014. Sam Cox is a Problem Solver who left us at the end of 2015 after four years. He was notorious for getting angry at his computer and then trying to break his desk in half. We miss him. And the last one, I’m just sad about. Hunter has a good job and does not need to eat dog treats for money. And yet, he did.)


by Lacy Starling, President & Fearless Leader