Levi Papai – VP of Operations and Army National Guard Veteran


Levi Papai is the VP of Operations here at the Legion. He is known for fixing just about anything that needs it around the office, but most importantly when our brokers have issues with loads, Levi steps in to save the day!

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What branch of the military did you serve in?

Army National Guard

How long did you serve?

12 years

Some military background (how you got into it, etc.):

The majority of my family has served, and I firmly believe this country has awarded me so many opportunities that I wanted to give something back.

Why did you choose freight brokering?

The construction business tanked and Lacy and Tony called offering the opportunity. That was four years ago and I truly haven’t had a boring day at work since.

What skills/lesson from the military have helped you the most in a civilian career?

The multiple leadership courses they sent me to, but also the ability to adjust to ever-changing scenarios to achieve a favorable outcome.

Why do you think veterans make great employees and specifically sales people?

They are used to adhering to a schedule but are able to adapt quickly when the situation requires it.

What was the most difficult part of transitioning back into a civilian career, and what advice do you have for veterans experiencing the same difficulties?

You miss the rush, the camaraderie, and the structure but if you look at your colleagues as your squad and build relationships there it makes the transition easier.


We thank Levi for his service to our country. If you would like to learn more about Levi, visit his bio page.