Legion Logistics Problem Solver and Brother Survive Tornado, Help Injured Trucker

Sean Bradley is one of our Problem Solvers at Legion Logistics. His days are spent getting freight shipped for his customers and handling any problems that arise. He was looking forward to his trip to the FabTech convention in Chicago, especially since he was traveling with his brother, a United Nations medic who travels around the world, helping in times of crisis. Little did they know that they would be caught in the middle of a natural disaster.

On Sunday, November 17, 2013, they were driving through Indiana when the weather started getting a little rough. They stopped at a fast food place to get some food and the emergency sirens were sounding.


tornado-clouds.jpg (228x305)


An employee there told them to keep heading north and they would miss the storm. They got in their car and headed back to the highway. Shortly after, the weather took a turn for the worse. The rain was so heavy the windshield wipers were struggling to move across the glass. Not able to make it to the next exit, they pulled over to what they hoped was the side of the road to wait it out. They felt the back of the car moving and thought this might be the end.

Finally the rain and winds slowed. The sign for the exit they weren’t able to see a few minutes before was just a few feet in front of them, and a tornado was visible in the distance. They crept down the highway and saw 13 semis flipped over in about five miles. One truck they came upon was destroyed, from the cab to the trailer.


tornado-truck-cab.jpg (228x305)                                                   tornado-truck-trailer.jpg (228x305)


Another trucker who had stopped to help the driver had to kick out the windshield and drag him out. Sean pulled over and his brother took charge. He used his ever-present medic pack to clean the laceration on the man’s face and bandaged him up. Sean called 911 and stayed on the phone for half an hour while the ambulance drove to them. His brother informed the paramedic that the driver had a concussion and would require sutures on his face, and they whisked him away in the ambulance.

Sean and his brother finally made it to the FabTech Convention, after taking a 30-mile detour and being in the car eight hours instead of the five normally needed to get from Northern Kentucky to Chicago. But they weren’t complaining. They were happy to be safe, and Sean was both amazed by and proud of his brother’s ability to take charge and help someone in need.