Job Fair Etiquette – Making the First Impression Count

It’s September which means recruiting season has officially started! The Legion recruiters will be at their first career fairs of the season next week, and they can’t wait to meet you! Here’s a few tips from our HR department that will help you walk to that job fair booth with confidence!

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Starting a conversation with a recruiter can be awkward, especially if you have very little job experience or you easily become nervous around strangers. Just remember that the recruiters want to talk to you! While it’s good to be yourself, it’s also very important to balance personality with professionalism.


“Introduce yourself as soon as you approach the table and smile! So many candidates stand silently at tables waiting for the representatives to make the first move. Job fairs are a great way to show your personality; something that’s hard to do by applying online. A brief and friendly chat with a well-prepared applicant makes any resume seem more appealing.”
Rachel, Legion Head Hunter


A quality that goes with professionalism is ambition. All candidates should be eager and willing to communicate and sell themselves to recruiters. Think about it – you are meeting the person who could be your ticket to a great job! Be excited, prepared and engaged as you are walking through the fair.


“Do not go to the job fair for the goods on the tables…seriously. Research the companies that will be there. Look for the ones you want to talk to and be ready to talk about their opportunities and why you are the best fit. And bring enough resumes with you, over print them if necessary. If I don’t have your resume when I leave the event I won’t remember you and I certainly won’t have a way to communicate with you if I did like you.”
Danielle, Legion Chief Headhunter


Another thing that our recruiters mentioned was dress. Danielle says, “You shouldn’t dress like you are out running errands, you should treat this like an interview. First impressions are always the lasting impression.” While it may not always be necessary to wear a three-piece suit, candidates should dress at least business casual. For men this is dress slacks and a collared shirt. For women this is dress slacks or a skirt with a blouse or a nice dress. Just be sure that skirts and dresses are no more than six inches above the knee.


With knowledge of the companies that are present, a properly formatted resume (and plenty of copies!) and appropriate attire, you can walk into your next job fair with confidence! Landed the interview? Check back next week for tips on selling yourself to hiring managers.