It Feels Good To Give

Legion has always been committed to hiring, helping, and supporting veterans. With every load we move we even donate $1 to veteran organizations. When you ask the veterans in the office how we can best honor them and other veterans every day, many say to continue doing what Legion is doing or to simply raise your glass and give some thanks. Though there are many ways to say ‘thank you’, I had a feeling that we could be doing something more to show our appreciation.

Being an intern here, I am required to create and complete a community service project. I realized there is no better time than right now to create a project to benefit the veterans in our community being that I am working for a veteran owned company during the time of year when we celebrate Veterans Day. That being said, for our Fall 2016 Intern Community Service Project, we worked with the Cincinnati VA Medical Center and conducted an in office collection of items like coffee, reading glasses, and comfy clothes. Any and all items simply to help veterans have a more comfortable stay at the medical center.

The Veterans Day collection began in our office in early October and was planned to end on November 10th, in order to give employees a little over a month to donate. The VA Medical Center is only open for donations on Mondays and Fridays. Conveniently this year Veterans Day fell on a Friday. This community service project became something even more special when we were able to donate our items on the day itself, making an immediate impact on the veterans currently staying at the medical center.

What started as an empty table in the office, quickly turned into a table full of clothing items, bags full of toiletries, and even handwritten letters from employees just to further emphasize their appreciation. A total of 730 items were collected! It feels good to give.

Thank you to the generous Legion employees who made this service possible, but most importantly, thank you to the veterans for your service to our country.

by Melyssa Jackson, Marketing Intern