Is Hard Work a Punishment for Being Good?

Recently I went on a customer visit just to check in and to see if there was anything else we could do for them. The conversation turned to the type of freight we handle for them. They told us we haul the “hard freight,” loads that may have multiple pick-up locations, multiple drop-off locations, or both. As we were talking about it, they realized that some of their other carriers only move their “easy freight” – one pick-up and one drop-off location per load, and that they relied on us to do the difficult work.

This doesn’t just happen in logistics. Employees in all types of industries find themselves being asked to take on additional, harder, and more crucial work because their supervisors know they can be trusted to get the job done and do it well. To some employees, it feels as if they are being punished for being dependable and doing a good job.

The fact that Legion is given the hard freight doesn’t seem like a punishment to me. I view it more as a confirmation that we are providing a top-notch service and that our customers trust us, even more so than our competitors. Do we like moving the easy freight too? Of course we do. But we’ll never shy away from a difficult load.

by Tony Coutsoftides, Freight Guru and CEO