Interview With VP of Operations and Veteran, Levi Papai

Since its inception, Legion Logistics has been committed to hiring, supporting and helping veterans. May is National Military Appreciation Month, May 21st is Armed Forces Day and this year, May 30th is Memorial Day.  In order to recognize the sacrifices all our service members make, up to and including the ultimate sacrifice, Legion is spending the end of the month highlighting the veterans who now work at Legion. They are part of the 1% of the US population who risk life and limb to protect all of us and our freedoms. They’ve made incredible sacrifices for minimal pay doing things the rest of us aren’t brave, or honorable, enough to do. And for that, we will always be grateful.

Why did you join the military?

I felt this country had afforded me many opportunities and it was time to give something back.

Did you have family members who also served?

Yes, my father, brother, grandmother, grandfather, several great uncles and various other family members all served in different branches at different times, from WWII to the first Iraq War.

In which branch of the service did you serve?

Army National Guard

What years did you serve?


What was the highest rank you achieved?


Were you deployed? If so, where were your deployments?

I had three deployments. I provided security for a communications base during the Iraq War, mobilized as part of relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina, and served on a UN peacekeeping force in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

What was your favorite thing about serving?

For me it was pride, not for me, but for this country and what I was part of.  We all chose to do this, to give part of our lives for the ideas of democracy and freedom and to ensure that others will be able to realize that dream.

Why did you leave/retire/separate?

I felt like it was time to follow a different path.

How can we best honor the fallen on days like this and every day?

Remember why they were willing to make that sacrifice and embody the ideals they were defending.