Interview with Veteran and Problem Solver, Robert Pugh

Since its inception, Legion Logistics has been committed to hiring, supporting and helping veterans. May is National Military Appreciation Month, May 21st is Armed Forces Day and this year, May 30th is Memorial Day.  In order to recognize the sacrifices all our service members make, up to and including the ultimate sacrifice, Legion is spending the end of the month highlighting the veterans who now work at Legion. They are part of the 1% of the US population who risk life and limb to protect all of us and our freedoms. They’ve made incredible sacrifices for minimal pay doing things the rest of us aren’t brave, or honorable, enough to do. And for that, we will always be grateful.

Why did you join the military? Did you have family members who also served?

My grandfather served in WWII and one of my uncles served in Vietnam. Neither of them really influenced my decision to join, though. I had always wanted to serve, so when I told my parents that I was going to pass on going to college they informed me that it was time to start paying my own bills in full and paying rent. This helped to speed along the decision-making process and 20 days after graduation high school I signed my first contract (2 July 1994). I also think that since camouflage is my favorite color, it made my decision much easier.

In which branch of the service did you serve?

I served in the Army. I have served on Active Duty, Reserves and Army National Guard.

What years did you serve?

I served on Active Duty 1994-1998, National Guard 1998-2002, Army Reserves 2002-2004 and again 2010-present.

What was the highest rank you achieved?


Were you deployed? If so, where were your deployments?

I have deployed twice during my career.

2003-2004 Iraq

2014-2015 Afghanistan/Kuwait

What was your favorite thing about serving?

The camaraderie and the lifelong friends you make. You know someone is your true friend when they would give their life to save yours.

Why did you leave/retire/separate?

I separated in 2004 because my contract was up, I had just returned from a long deployment, and I thought it was the right time to move on. Over the next six years I missed everything about the service and it felt like I still had more to give – like I had gotten out too soon. So in 2010, I joined again and will be leaving the service for good in October of this year.

How can we best honor the fallen on days like this and every day?

Drink a beer, enjoy some type of cooked animal flesh off the grill, thank a Veteran, enjoy the time you have with friends and family, and just be thankful for things we have because it is much worse in other places. These are the things that they gave their lives for so that we could continue to enjoy them.