I Didn’t Know It Was #GivingTuesday

Actually no one at Legion knew until I received several emails this morning talking about #GivingTuesday. This confession may make it sound like we aren’t the giving type, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Giving is a big part of what Legion is all about. Our community service committee meets year-round to plan quarterly off-site events and internal opportunities to give back. We love helping veterans and children, especially those in Northern Kentucky and the Tri-State.

Our quarterly community service events have included cleaning classrooms and updating landscaping at facilities that help children, painting at a local school, and giving time at Matthew 25. One of our most memorable events was sponsored by Impact a Hero, a local organization that helps service-disabled veterans. We spent an entire day getting to know these local heroes, selling t-shirts and bracelets to support the cause and celebrating the veterans and their service. Each year we adopt a Northern Kentucky elementary school class. We write letters to students, provide a holiday party and take them on a field trip at the end of the school year. Legion gives financially as well. We run annual United Way campaigns, donate the proceeds from the Legion Cantina (our snack bar), and give $1.00 for every load we move to a veterans’ organization.

Just yesterday we wrapped up our No Shave November campaign. Several of our male employees pledged to give up shaving for the entire month of November. For each day that they remained unshaven, Legion donated a can of food to the Freestore Food Bank in Cincinnati. Those who decided to drop out of the campaign had to either bring in the cans of food for the remaining days or find a sponsor who would donate on their behalf. And this Saturday we’ll be spreading holiday cheer at a local rehabilitation center with cookies, cards, games, and conversation.

So maybe it isn’t that surprising that we didn’t know it was #GivingTuesday since our office is full of generous people who give their time and talents all year long.

by Lacy Starling, President and Fearless Leader