Are You Really Wearing that to a Job Interview?

Legion Logistics is a casual office, sometimes more casual than Lacy and Tony would prefer actually. But just because some of our employees look homeless, that doesn’t mean you should if you come in for an interview.

Everyone talks about what to wear for an interview, which is really kind of boring. Let’s talk about what not to wear.


1. Kudos to you for wearing a long-sleeved dress shirt to your interview. Next time make sure it doesn’t look like you’ve been sleeping in it for the last three nights.

2. Yep, the blazer is a good call, but the t-shirt underneath was only ever pulled off by Don Johnson, in the eighties, and even then it was questionable.

3. No sweat socks, period. Same for sneakers.

4. Even if your family owns Old Spice, don’t put on a whole bottle of it before your interview. If you get past the interview wearing noticeable cologne at our office, you can rest assured that an email will be sent out to the whole company on your first or second day reminding everyone that strong smells – good or bad – are not tolerated here. Smelling everyone’s nuked leftovers at lunchtime is bad enough.

5. You know that awesome Nightmare Before the Christmas tie that seems perfect for an October interview? It’s not.



1. If you ever wore it to a cocktail party or a night on the town with your girlfriends, leave it in your closet. Same goes for any blouse that makes your boyfriend or husband say, “Hoochie Momma!”

2. A suit you wore to get your first job in the 20th century is not going to get you a job in the 21st century.

3. Your earrings should not be large enough that a small poodle can jump through them. Nor should they brush your shoulders or jingle when you move your head.

4. There is a raging debate about whether or not you need to wear pantyhose to an interview. However, everyone is in agreement that tights of any kind or anything with patterns stay home.

5. Do you like wearing perfume? See #4 under Guys.

So suck it up and look professional when you interview for a new job. You can revert back to your old self when it’s over.