Does the Thought of Cold Calling Give You Cold Feet?

If every salesperson was handed a portfolio of happy, active customers, sales could be one of the easiest jobs out there. Obviously that is not normally how it works. Most salespeople have to create their own client list, which requires cold calling, usually lots of cold calling. This turns many people off from sales because they find talking to strangers daunting, especially when the goal is to sell them something. But cold calling doesn’t have to be torturous, and there are numerous ways to respond to objections from prospects, regardless of what you’re selling.

Here are several objections that we hear all the time, and some responses that may help break the ice – pun intended.


Objection: “People are constantly asking for my business. Why should I give it to you?”

Response: “To be honest, I’m not sure you should give me your business. That’s why I’d like to find out a little more about your company and your specific needs.” Then ask relevant questions to discover how your product or service can be an asset.

Objection: “Can you beat the prices I pay now with ABC Company?”

Response: “That is hard to say without knowing more about your needs or what you are currently paying. I can say that I will price myself as competitively as I can for the level of service I provide. Let me ask you this, are you happy with their service or do you work with them based solely on price? Is there room for improvement in their service?”

Objection: “I’m not looking to work with anyone new right now.”

Response: “Actually, I’m not either. I just recently discovered your company and wanted to learn more about your needs in the hopes that we might be able to work together in the future. Now that we’ve cleared that up, can you tell me a little more about your company?”

Objection: “We have a bid schedule and we’re not taking bids right now.”

Response: “Do you know when you will be open for bids again? Could I ask you a few questions so I can decide whether or not to participate in your next bid process?”


Keeping your wits about you and focusing on the prospects’ needs rather than your own are very important in cold calling. Expect a few objections every time you make a call and continue to ask questions, so you can learn as much as possible about the prospects and they can come to the ultimate conclusion that they need your service or product.