At Legion, we are constantly thinking about the future. Every three years, Tony and I go through a deep strategic planning process, looking ahead to the next three years. We just finished that process, and we are tremendously excited about our vision for the future of Legion – the vision that will take us through the end of 2019. Now that we’ve completed it, we want to share it with you. Enjoy.

Legion 2019

At Legion, we are doing something extraordinary, and everyone knows it. People inside the company feel the incredible energy when they walk through the door each morning. People outside the company recognize the magic of what we have created, and want to partner with us to get a little bit of it for themselves.

We’ve created that magic through a decade of hard work, dedication, and wide-open communication about the successes we’ve had and the struggles we’ve faced. Where we are today is the reward for ten years of persistence, innovation and teamwork. When we started in 2009, we had a vision of success and we never let anything stand in the way of it – not the economy, not regulations, not personal struggles. We never sat waiting for opportunities to come to us – we went out and made them.

An elite company requires elite employees. We don’t hire hundreds of people, we hire the best. Every single person in our office is exceptional at what they do. They are hard-working risk-takers, successful in all areas of their life, ethical and selfless, and deeply loyal to the company and each other. Legion has become synonymous with success, because we accept only the best and then push them to be even better.

The same goes for our partners – whether they are customers, carriers, vendors, or the organizations with whom we work in the community. We make sure they share our values and our dedication to excellence.

Reporters love Legion. We have at least one story a month in the media focusing on our culture, our growth, and our generosity.

Internally, the company is efficient, with fully integrated systems in every department. We’ve committed to continuous improvement – what we have today is great, but what we are going to have tomorrow is even better. Our partners benefit from the seamless flow of data, and they know that we are a well-oiled machine.

We care about the bottom line. The entire company is incentivized to lower costs and improve margins. Expansions and innovations are funded with cash, and we have a strong equity position that allows us to say no to the wrong opportunities and yes to the right ones.

Legion’s management team leads by example and with transparency. They think strategically to improve existing systems and processes as well as create new ones.

Our IT department creates, integrates and improves our systems, internally and externally. We have industry-leading technology and the friendliest IT department in the world.

Legion has an incredibly high-powered and diverse sales team. Every veteran Problem Solver® expects to make a six-figure income, and new Problem Solvers® learn the keys to success from our world-class training.

To support them, our Right Hand People focus relentlessly on quality. They are held accountable for the experiences of our carriers and customers, as well as their own professionalism.

Carrier services is the best in the business, with compliance procedures in place to protect us from bad actors, and incredibly strong relationships with our best carriers.

The accounting department is a machine, processing A/P and A/R with precision and efficiency. Factoring companies and customers alike love working with them.

Our operations staff has a wealth of knowledge about the law, insurance claims, and government regulations. They know how to navigate complicated situations and deescalate tensions. They are ethical, nimble, and strategic.

The marketing and administrative teams make sure everyone knows Legion. All communications are consistent, authentic and engaging, from the company newsletter to the way we greet guests in the office.

Our HR team finds, hires, and retains only the employees who will push Legion to the next level. Legion’s compensation and benefits are world-class, our training is unbeatable and turnover is virtually zero. People line up to work here and they don’t leave.

Because at Legion, we are doing something extraordinary, and everyone knows it.