A Message of Commitment from Legion Logistics CEO, Tony Coutsoftides

Eleven years ago, I was discharged from the US Army after a parachute training accident left me unable to run. After four surgeries and a whole lot of support I’m finally able to run again, and for the first time in 11 years I recently went sky diving.

My mission in life once I left the service became starting a company through which I could give back to all the great men and women who have served and continue to serve and their families. I can’t be out there leading the charge anymore, but I’m committed to supporting them every way I can.

To that end, I want Legion Logistics to hire 10 military veterans this year, 20 next year, 30 the following year, and so on. Furthermore, I want us to donate at least $15,000 this year to the Wounded Warrior Project or other organizations that help our heroes succeed, both in the service and when they come out.

Together, we have already built an awesome company that provides excellent service to our customers and carriers, day in and day out. I want all of us to continue growing a company that embodies the American dream with a sense of duty, honor and country.

I would ask everyone who works for the Legion to keep reaching out to all our strategic partners, asking for referrals of great job candidates – and veterans in particular. If we are going to grow the Legion as quickly as we want, we need the best possible team of recruits every time we hire.

In return for help from our partners, I personally commit to give them a weekly update of our progress in hiring and retaining the best this country has to offer and our monetary contributions to Wounded Warrior and other relevant organizations.

We have something really special here – a great second home for our service men and women who are looking for the type of loyalty, camaraderie and meaning they had in serving our country. If we continue to spread the word and make the Legion a company of choice for veterans, our success is guaranteed.


Antony Coutsoftides

Freight Guru and CEO, Legion Logistics, LLC