A Great Company to Work with, A Great Company to Work for

As we celebrate six years in business this week, Tony and I have taken some time to look back at the beginning of Legion – our origin story, if you will. We’re often asked what inspired us to start a company and what drives us to keep moving forward every day, to grow and develop Legion into a bigger and better company every year.

Through all our conversations this past month, Tony and I realized that we’ve been working since the beginning on different, but complimentary, goals. Tony has always operated from a freight and operations focus. And I’ve always operated from a customer and employee focus. Together, we’ve created something pretty great and we’re able to keep growing and building because our focuses work in tandem.


A Great Company to Work with

Tony, when he joined Legion in 2010, had some very specific ideas about how to develop a logistics company with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, technology and operations solutions. The point of every innovation he proposes or champions is to make Legion a great company to work with. When a customer gives us a load to ship, they are entrusting us with their livelihood, which can be difficult. Our customers have greater access to our people, our technology and our leadership every year, which increases their confidence in us.

The same holds true for our carriers. Not every logistics company has a carrier’s best interest in mind, and many drivers are hesitant to work with companies like Legion because they have had a bad experience. But our willingness to share information and be in constant contact with them makes them more willing to trust us. This trust will only continue to grow as we re-invest our profits in our technology and employees and increase our services.


A Great Company to Work for

Sales in general is not an easy career, and logistics is no exception. Logistics companies have a reputation of hiring scores of people in the hopes that a few will make it, then burning out those few with ridiculous sales goals and cut-throat competition. That’s where I come in. I make sure that people want to work here. And not just for a paycheck and our generous benefits. Comparing a company to a family is cheesy and overused, so I won’t do that. I will however compare Legion to a dysfunctional family. We come from all walks of life, with all of our baggage, and band together to create one incredible company. We care for each other and each others’ families. We support those who need it and celebrate those who have earned it.

One only need watch our Office Olympics videos on YouTube to know that we have fun together and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have chucked pumpkins, rolled the dice at a casino-themed anniversary party, thrown pies in faces for charity, chased each other down in go-karts, and have had too many potlucks to count. We also enjoy serving together on our quarterly community service projects. A successful United Way campaign and annual involvement with Adopt-a-Class show the ongoing generosity of our incredible employees.


Both Tony’s and my goals are necessary to create a successful company. A company has no reason to exist without satisfied customers, and customers cannot be properly served by unhappy employees. One might ask “Which comes first?” For Legion, that question is irrelevant, because we have both.

by Lacy Starling, Fearless Leader