4 Reasons Why I Have a Marketing Department – and You Should Too

My marketing department at Legion is not responsible for the sales we make each day. They don’t close customers and they don’t book trucks. In fact, most of them prefer to completely avoid the phone. It’s nearly impossible to trace their work directly to a portion of the profits of Legion. So why would I hire, develop, and pay three people who aren’t selling?


  1. Recruiting

We have two fantastic recruiters on staff who constantly reach out to potential candidates and attend job fairs. They use all of the job posting sites, utilize LinkedIn, and are constantly pushing candidates through the interview process. But who creates the handouts, orders the collateral, and works with a branding agency to make sure everything stays consistent and updated? My marketing team.


  1. Awards and Recognition

I often get told that the number of awards Legion wins is impressive. While I’m very proud of these awards, and am proud of how far Legion has come, I can never take all of the credit. While I’m busy managing Legion, who is applying for all of the awards, writing the essays and submitting the stacks of required materials? My marketing team.


  1. Community Presence

We get way more press than we should for a company our size. Every time I turn around we are being contacted by someone who wants to feature Legion on their website or in their paper. Our social media has grown exponentially over the past two years, and people are starting to recognize Legion’s name and logo. Who is taking the photos of office activities, keeping up with social media statistics, and sending press releases? My marketing team.


  1. Credibility

Most companies our size have not paid tens of thousands of dollars to improve their website and collateral. They don’t have a blog that is regularly updated or concise information on who they are and what they do. If you want to know what commodities we specialize in or modes of transportation we have experience with, we can send you a folder with everything you could ever want to know. If you’re interested in an internship, we have a fully branded tri-fold brochure describing the program. All of our content, both print and on the website, is written in house. You guessed it, by my marketing team.


The value of a great marketing department is often overlooked by small companies. I have no doubt that Legion would be making money without a three-person marketing team. We’d still be closing customers, booking trucks, and delivering freight. But would our sales team have collateral for each commodity and service we specialize in? Would our website look like that of a company three times our size and age? Would our new customers receive a box of “Legion swag” and a handwritten note after moving their first load with us?


A series of calls or emails is not always enough to close a customer. Sometimes it takes sending a folder of information or a box of fun Legion-branded items to gain a customer’s trust.  When recruiting millennials, a strong social media and community presence is invaluable.


No, my marketing team does not directly make sales or book trucks, but they do make sure that people know who we are, what we do, and that we do it better than anyone else.


By President Lacy Starling