2015 will be Legion’s Year!

2014 was an exciting year for Legion! We nearly doubled our employee count, placed #156 on the Inc. 500 list, and exceeded our sales goal by $8 million. Although we can’t predict the future, Lacy says that based on 2014, the next year should be even better for Legion.

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Here are some of Lacy’s thoughts on 2014 and predictions for 2015:


• What was your favorite Legion accomplishment of 2014?

Making the Inc. 500 list! That’s been a dream of mine since we started the company, and it was very cool to finally be eligible (we had to be in business this long to even apply) and to make it so high up on the list! Being the #1 company in Kentucky is awesome.


• What is an accomplishment that surprised you? Getting to $26 million in sales.

We set the goal at $18 million and just kept blowing past it. The sales team we have just keeps exceeding our expectations.


• Were there any disappointments, setbacks, or things you learned from as a business owner?

Gosh, I don’t know. I know I was disappointed we didn’t win the Best Places to Work category we were in this year, but it was cool to be nominated. And every year, I learn more than I could possibly imagine, running this business. Tony and I always joke that the minute we get our heads around running Legion, everything changes – we grow, the laws change, we decide to try something new, etc. But that’s what makes it so interesting.

If you had to make a guess…

• How many employees will Legion have by the end of 2015?

65? Maybe 75? Just the thought overwhelms me. It’s going to be a lot, and it’s going to be great.


• Where will Legion be on the Inc. 500 list in 2015?

I have no idea – this depends way too much on other companies and their growth. I’m hoping to stay above 300, so we’ll see!


• How many awards will Legion add to its collection in 2015?

Eleventy billion. All the ones we apply for. All the important ones. We’re going to need a bigger trophy case!


Anything else you can think of that you’d like to say?

2014 exceeded our expectations in every possible way, but I honestly believe that’s nothing compared to what 2015 is going to bring. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more excited at the start of a new year with Legion. And that’s saying something. 2015 is going to be amazing.


Happy New Year from Legion!