An Interview with Danny Pendergraft, Night Watchman

Since its inception, Legion Logistics has been committed to hiring, supporting and helping veterans. May is National Armed Forces Month, May 21st is Armed Forces Day and this year, May 30th is Memorial Day.  In order to recognize the sacrifices all our service members make, up to and including the ultimate sacrifice, Legion is spending the end of the month highlighting the veterans who now work at Legion. They are part of the 1% of the US population who risk life and limb to protect all of us and our freedoms. They’ve made incredible sacrifices for minimal pay doing things the rest of us aren’t brave, or honorable, enough to do. And for that, we will always be grateful.


Why did you join the military?

I was 18 years old, just out of high school with no money for college. I didn’t want put that burden on my parents, so on November 7, 1987 (my birthday), I went to the recruiter and joined up.

Did you have family members who also served?

My father was in the Army, my father in law was in the Air Force, my Grandpa Miller served in the Navy, my brother and sister in law were both in the Army, I have two nephews in the Army along with my niece’s husband. Between both sides of my family, we’ve served more than our share. We’re both proud military families.

In which branch of the service did you serve?


(Editor’s note: The capital letters are Danny’s. He’s just a little proud of being in the Corps.)

What years did you serve?

February 1988 – July 1991

What was the highest rank you achieved?

Lance Corporal E-3

Were you deployed? If so, where were your deployments?

I spent almost a year on the USS Coral Sea Aircraft Carrier on a tour of the Mediterranean. We were also off the shore of Libya during the Gulf of Sidra incident. My unit got sent to Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, but I had to have knee surgery and by the time I was cleared for combat, the fighting was over.

What was your favorite thing about serving?

My brothers and sisters in the Corps, and now all veterans. Knowing the person standing behind you has your back, no matter what their race, religion, or political views.

Why did you leave/retire/separate?

I knew being a lifer wasn’t for me because the Marine Corps didn’t promote as quickly as other branches. After Desert Storm, the Corps offered early outs to save money, so I got out six months before the end of my contract with an Honorable Discharge.

How can we best honor the fallen on days like this and every day?

By doing exactly what Legion is doing – not forgetting and bringing awareness to our veterans and our fallen. I want to thank the whole Legion Team for accepting me and making me feel part of the family even though I have only been here for two months.