Have you ever wondered what it would look like to be an intern at Legion Logistics?

Author | Cara Smith
Date | 8/4/2019 11:14:15 AM

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to be an intern at Legion Logistics? My name is Cara Smith and I have had the pleasure of working at Legion this summer through their internship program. The summer internship program is a total of thirteen weeks from May to August. I am an incoming senior at the University of Cincinnati with a major in communications and a minor in professional selling. My goal after college is to land some type of sales job. When I was looking for an internship, I knew I needed to help enrich my knowledge of sales. In this blog post, I am going to share everything I do on a Wednesday, which is typically my busiest day of the week.

Occupation: Student/Sales Intern
Industry: Sales
Age: 20
Year in school: Senior


6:00 am - I wake up for the day (after snoozing my alarm) and make filling breakfast to keep me full through the day. I get ready for work and leave for the office at 7 am.
7:20 am - 7:25 am - I make my way into the office and clock in. I start my day by opening my email and Legion's transportation management system, LegionEMS.
8:00 am - All of the interns and trainees head to the conference room for our M/W/F sales meeting. In these meetings, we talk about all of the good things happening with our prospecting calls. Each of us have a goal to close five customers during our 13-week internship, so there is a lot of good news to talk about. In these meetings, we also gain new tips on how to better prospect new customers.
8:15 am - My day begins in full swing, but first I must have my coffee! A perk of working at Legion is that they have free unlimited coffee. I start out by checking my email and making check calls on the freight truck deliveries that my Problem Solver® manages on a daily basis. Every intern is assigned a Problem Solver® to work with throughout the program.
8:30 am - Prospecting calls begin! I start to update my list of future customers. The interns at Legion are required to make 65 calls a day. I have a continuous prospecting list of potential customers that I call. In addition, I make notes based on information I receive from the calls. Sometimes there are LOTS of voicemails. It takes a lot of persistence and drive to continue to make your calls. Typically, I shoot for 80 calls per day, depending on what my Problem Solver® needs me to do that day. At some point in the day, I will try to get in a game of ping pong where I can get up from my desk and move around. I like to get at least 35 calls in before taking my lunch break.
12:00 pm - Lunch Break! All of the interns have an hour-long lunch break. During this time, I like to get out of the office. Florence, Kentucky, where the office is located, has a ton of options, so I can always try new things. I will also pack my lunch a lot as well.
1:00 pm - I clock back into the office and log back into my email, LegionEMS, and pull up my prospecting list. I will make my second round of check calls this afternoon. At this point in the afternoon my Problem Solver® will have me help him cover loads that need drivers. I help answer the phone and call out on trucks. I continue to work on my prospecting calls until I hit 65 or more. After lunch is typically the time when I follow up with different prospected customers to see if they would like a quote or have any upcoming shipments. I continue to complete these tasks until my work day is over.
4:30 pm - I clock out of work and face the rush hour traffic as I head home.

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